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Is this earring too long for me ?

This is the question I am am so often asked .

"Is it too long" depends not on the length of your neck, but on the neckline of the moment.

Low neckline totally allows long earrings.

Polo neckline allows some long earrings.

Boat Vee and scoop necklines lend themselves to a short mid length earring.

Coats and scarves in winter can mean you have to offer up and change the earring selection you choose unless the coat and scarf are only to get from A to B then you take them off.

Hats can change the look of your earring selection as well.

I always finish my full out the door dress and then select the earring that totally rocks the outfit.

It is for this reason I offer affordable earrings that cover so many different styles and needs so I can help you with all your different dress option desires.

I finish with a " Girl always needs accessory choices"

Ask me if you are unsure.

Accessorise on ... M.J.

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