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Ear Cuffs - 2 Pack

Ear Cuffs - 2 Pack

SKU: 10.6

A pair of solid rounded golden ear cuffs. One is slightly bigger than the other for top or bottom stacking.

These are a solid ring that you can not adjust the opening for a wider or smaller fit.

This ear cuff is .3 cm wide at the front and back ends so sits comfortably over the ear rim and locates in behind the inner ear cartilage. The mid section on the outer ear measures .3 cm.

Placement on the ear varies for every ear.

With all the ear cuffs that I am currently selling, and as every ear is different, your fitting for a secure placement is something you will have to play a little with.

I have found that by pulling the side of the ear out and sliding the cuff onto the ear edge and then over the inner cartilage, that gives me a secure fit. I can then adjust the cuff high or low, depending on what I am wearing in the piercing hole.

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