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Red Pearl and Diamante Wool Beret.

Red Pearl and Diamante Wool Beret.

SKU: AEH/6.1

Pearl and diamante woolen beret.

This beret is a lovely change from the plain wool, especially if you love a touch of glamour.

The pearls, are in two different sizes, and are randomly fixed with locator pins through the beret, and then large diamante, also fixed with pins through the beret, are placed in and amongst the pearls. There are lines of the small pearl from the GPS stalk at the top of the beret to the top edge of the crown.

It has a good side wall so is a generous fit for pulling low, wearing "French style" or just sitting forward and back.

There is a band stitched around the inside of the headband that has a ribbon for tightening for a multi fit.

Measures - Inside head band 56